Get Inspired, Get Happy

Spring is my favorite season despite its unpredictability. Fresh air, new life, new goals, bright sun, clean food- it all makes me eager to wake up in the morning and take in what the new day has prepared for me. It can however, be up and down; the excitement of waking up to sun one day then the numbness of waking up to a cloud filled sky the next can be draining for my seasonal depression. This can make my energy quite somber: if I let it.

I recently had one of those gloomy days, staying in bed all day snuggled in my blanket cocoon. The next day I decided that I didn’t want to feel down anymore so I made myself get up, get energized, get productive and most importantly, get happy- and it worked! I wanted to share with you, what I did to get more enthusiastic about life just in case some of you have the same seasonal disorder as me, or even just if you are in a little rut and need  some positive energy.

  • Get up: even if you have absolutely no motivation and no will. Just do it. Your day starts now.
  • Screenshot_2016-04-21-18-50-06.pngWrite a “To Do” List of what you want to accomplish today: Not errands per se, but things as “simple” as smiling or getting outside for a bit of fresh air. Not only is the reward of crossing things off my list satisfying but it also adds more purpose to my day when I think there is none.
  • Surround yourself with inspiration:  Get on Pinterest, find like people on Youtube, look at old journals or photos, get some encouraging apps on your phone, hang up posters, notice how happy your dog is over seemingly nothing, write down quotes and affirmations, doodle, redecorate, find inspiration through nature. This is so important for me. If I don’t see positive encouragement, sometimes it is hard for me to cultivate on my own.
  • Get outside: It doesn’t even have to be for a walk. Eat on your patio, look at flowers in your garden, listen to the birds chirp; when I do this it puts into perspective that there is a world outside my current apathy.  Birds are teaching their chicks how to fly, flowers are reaching to get a kiss from the sun, foxes are teaching their young how to survive. Life is beautiful even if I don’t see beauty in my own at this moment. Let nature be your mentor.


  • Get some exercise: You will probably procrastinate at first (I sure did), but I promise you that the gratification will feel better than painless muscles. Happy body = happy mind. There are lots of fun youtube workout and yoga routine videos out there. It can be fun (no, I’m not lying). Find a video with an instructor who motivates you and get moving.
  • Eat clean food: By “clean” I mean trying to avoid things you couldn’t simply find outside/ make with limited resources. Stick to food that your body considers natural; less preservatives, refined sugars, etc.  Your body digests these foods differently and, of course, this can affect your mood. I’m certainly not trying to dictate anyone’s diet, but like I said: happy body = happy mind. Get inspired by the food our Earth provides for us.

“Each morning you are born again.” Don’t let yesterday stop you from being inspired by today. You woke up today. Not everybody did, but you- passionate, creative, wonderful, kind you- did. That is the miraculous truth. Yesterday and tomorrow are just a hallucination of the mind; today is all you will ever have. How do you want to spend it?

Good energy to you always, friends! Sidney


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