Today I am feeling grateful

Today it was especially sunny and calm outside so I took my pup for a nice long walk. I got his leash, a poop bag, an apple to eat and off we went. We went a new-to-us way that goes beside a big pond that always has dozens of geese and ducks swimming in it and hanging by the cattails. I started eating while listening to all of the geese honk. My apple tasted so juicy and vibrant because I was simply eating. The geese and ducks sounded like music because I was simply taking the time to appreciate their calls. The sun warmly kissed my skin because I wasn’t begging for it to tan me. I was happy, my boy was happy and we both came home smiling.20160402_171906

This experience made me feel purely content, which got me thinking about my newly existent gratitude journal; or kind of a positivity journal. Basically, I write in it when I am feeling happy and positive so I can look at it when I am feeling not so happy and positive. I’ve been tampering with it for a little while now, but cultivating that genuine happiness that I felt today is what I think this positivity journal should be about. So, I just wanted to share one of my entries. If I notice I actually do end up using this journal a lot, which I have been lately, I’ll share with you a “how to” in a later blog post.

What are you grateful for?


  • I am grateful for nature- the sun, the stars, the trees, the water, the birds, the dirt- because it allows me to be my true and complete, curious and appreciative self in all of its purity.
  • I am grateful for yoga because it allows me to grow, accept, love, conquer and most importantly to just be within a non judgemental energy surrounding my body, mind and spirit.
  • I am grateful for different cultures than my own because to me they are eclectic, eccentric, diverse and will never fail to offer me a new and different perspective.

What are you grateful for? Stay positive! Sidney


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