Thoughts From A Coffee Shop

My boyfriend and I went to town today. We really hardly ever go out, so this was a nice change of pace. We went on a little date at a coffee shop. We are a couple that can and will sit in silence, and since I am a highly observant person, while we were drinking our coffees, I was looking at my surroundings, pondering. There were groups of middle aged friends, business meetings, students taking a break from class, solo coffee drinkers working on their laptops and us. Whether they were talking about their significant other, stressing out about school or really trying to get that work project done, I was noticing how immersed into their own world everyone was. This got me thinking of how we really do have our own worlds within our minds. Here were 30 people sitting in the same coffee shop, at the same time of day, having all ordered from the same barista and yet we were all having unfathomably different experiences. On a global scale, that is 7 billion people with 7 billion different perceptions of the same world, all having a different human experience within their own individual minds. How wonderful is it that not one of our 7 billion Earth brothers and sisters are having the same experience as you? I suppose maybe this should make me feel lonely, but instead I feel… necessary. I am the only me on this entire planet. My eyes are the only ones that will perceive the color blue the way they do and my spirit is the only one that will feel that exact degree of optimism when the sun shines. Such different realities and yet we are all here on this planet; we all have the same air to breathe and moon to look at. My mind often wanders into an eccentric direction and I suppose today is as good as any to share some of my brain with you.
Happy ponderings and stay weird, Sidney


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