Hello friends! So, I’ve noticed that it’s that time of year where seemingly all of our Facebook friends go somewhere sunny. They post fun pictures and get nice tans- and we’re sitting at our computer screens seeing what a nice time in the warm weather they’re having, drinking hot tea in a fluffy blanket like, *siiiiipppp*. Well…. I am anyway. This slightly gloomy observance inspired me to take a “staycation” this weekend. I just wanted to write about it and post some pictures to motivate you guys to take one too! Just because we don’t have the money or perhaps time off to travel somewhere far away this spring doesn’t mean we can’t explore our own backyard! Hope you enjoy.

Devan and I left on Saturday late afternoon to take a mini road trip to Jasper (Alberta, Canada). It takes about three hours from where we live and we make it a point to go at least once a month to get our happiness meters back up there (the magic of nature!).
DSCN4675We arrived at at dusk, just as the sky turned to cotton candy. We stayed at my brother’s house for the night and were up early the next morning (too early). It’s always nice when you take a trip, to have someone’s house you can stay at- it saves tons vs. a hotel! 

Our first stop Sunday morning was to Old Fort Point. We almost always see big horn sheep up there and today was no exception. We even saw some babies!


Next, we took a walk through Maligne Canyon. We have done this walk once, on our first visit to Jasper, but we usually opt for a more strenuous hike. Today though, we were feeling something more mild. Also, when we visited in autumn,the deep ravine was filled with mesmerizingly vicious water. Because it is winter, all of that water has frozen and we actually got to walk in the canyon where the fierce water once was. PicMonkey Collage



We crossed a questionable bridge of conveniently fallen tree logs to get to some stunning water falls. There were massive frozen ones but also falls that were melting (since it has been so abnormally warm this winter). Seeing the non-frozen waterfalls made me question my intelligence, walking through a canyon on melting ice. The mellow weather was nice however, which added to the perfect adventure.

Sadly, it was time to go home. But that just means that we are closer to visiting next time! Where do you like to staycation? 20160221_105618

Happy adventures! Sidney


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