Valentine’s Date Ideas

People say love is complicated. I disagree. People are complicated. Love is simple. To me, love defines itself when somebody’s company improves your level of happiness and vice versa. So! If you have your eye on someone that makes you happy and the feeling is matched, here are a few date ideas to try this Valentine’s Day. Most of these dates are intended to be cozy; not too overwhelming for new couples and simply relaxing for seasoned couples.


Go somewhere new together: I get most excited when my boyfriend and I get to experience somewhere we both haven’t been before, together. We get to be sixth graders, eager and wide eyed, chatting back in forth about our impressions and opinions of this new place. We both get introduced to new perspectives from each other; even after 5 years together, this is something we rarely get in the confines of our home because we’ve come to instinctively know what the other’s opinion will be about near anything.

Go to your favorite place together: On the flip side, going to your mutual favorite place can be just the thing you need to rejuvenate in time for Valentine’s Day (or any day).

Cook each other a meal: I like how this is an inexpensive date idea. For new couples, it has potential to break the ice too. Sometimes the way a person cooks says a lot about them; do they like to be in control, laid back, adventurous or follow the recipe to the last pinch? I’ve always wanted to try this with my boyfriend, but we have such different diets (meatatarian vs. vegetarian) that this limits our gourmet kitchen abilities for each other- I don’t even know how to cook a steak. We usually settle for something mutual like pasta anyways. Nevertheless, I’d still love to try this (maybe this Valentine’s Day!).

Dinner/movie: I am a sucker for this classic date. It is my go to choice. Good food and I get to be lazy and sit in a comfy chair for 2 hours? Count me in. This could be good for new couples too because you will have plenty to talk about during dinner.

Love notes: I love to make little notes for my boyfriend. They always make him smile. It could be anything from an “I love you because:” list to “I hope you have a great day, xo”. Sometimes it’s difficult to communicate verbally that you love somebody and this can be a no pressure, fun little activity. You can set rules like to make a “what I love about you” list or you can leave it completely open and see what they come up with.

Tour your town: I find this date idea interesting because many people don’t even think to explore their own town. Going to work, coming home and running errands is enough. I have yet to do this. Finding new museums and hidden gem restaurants would be a great way to  bond with your partner. Plus you get to see how they act with directions… a big foresight to problem solving for new couples.

Bookstore date: Go to a bookstore and pick out a book for each other. I love the freedom that comes with this date. Not only can you choose between an old, dusty bookstore and a big franchise, but you also have the freedom to choose a novel, a “how to” book, a travel destination book or even a personalizable little pocket book for your partner. The thoughtfulness that goes into choosing a book for someone else is something to be deeply appreciated. This is a great date idea for introverted couples!

Enjoy and have a happy Valentine’s Day love birds!

Good vibes, Sidney

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