8 Tips For Getting Through The Last Bit Of Winter

If you’re like me, you dread winter starting in September. Winter is cold, dry, unpleasant and loooong- for me, it can never go away quickly enough! February, however, always marks the top of the hump for me. It is, in my opinion, the worst month to get through (although January is arguable). Since we are near mid-February, I am starting to get eager for spring (I tend to get excited for things unreasonably early…. it feels like what I’m looking forward to will come quicker that way. Anyone else?). Here are a list of tips that can help us all get through this last little push of winter:

1. Start to eat healthier: This may seem like a daunting statement, but I don’t expect anybody to get right into their “super-summer-workout-health-diet-extreme-3000” quite yet. At this point, I typically *start* to eat healthier. I have been eating like it’s been Thanksgiving for three months and that heavy feeling in my gut is getting old. It lifts my spirits as well as improves my overall lifestyle to incorporate a few salads, nuts and lighter meals into my diet.


2. Cut back drinking alcohol to avoid gaining more winter weight and feeling like you’re in a continuous haze. (Obviously) the holidays can be a festive time and festive translates to tipsy for a lot of people. But, my friends, holiday season is over and being more conscious will keep our energy looking forward to spring and summer!

3. Start putting lemon in your water: Firstly, lemon has many benefits and vitamins- vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium- and citrus always puts me in a summer-esque spirit. The vitamin C found in lemon helps prevent and fight off nasty winter colds (which I am particularly prone to). The antioxidant and detoxifying qualities in lemon juice help to decrease blemishes that could very well have been caused by our poor winter eating habits. Nothing says summer-ready like glowing skin! 

4. Get your sleep schedule out of hibernation mode: It is so much easier to sleep winter away than to face it (guilty). But winter’s end is near and now we have something to look forward to: sun!  Along with a better diet, a more natural sleep pattern will vastly improve your lifestyle until the sun gets here for good.

5. Start taking your pup for walks: This is a great way to ease yourself back outside and into a healthier lifestyle without having to run 10k and do 200 sit-ups. Plus the reward of a happy pup can hardly be matched. You will both be in a happier mood coming back from your stroll.


6. Pick out a few books to read for when you’re inevitably still feeling like winter just won’t go away. Not only do you get to immerse yourself into someone else’s world, but by the time you are done reading them, the sun will be shining!

7. Quiet time: This might be the best thing that keeps me going until spring. I like to dedicate a time in the day (for me it’s late morning) where I can drink my coffee/tea and just direct my energy to looking forward to warmer weather: planning activities, trips, outfits, renovations, summer decor, etc. It distracts me from this wintery nightmare while validating that spring will come because I can actually put these plans into action. It’s relaxing and inspiring at the same time.


8. Write a blog post about getting through the last stretch of winter to try to convince yourself more than anybody else, that it has to end at some point (ha).

If all else fails, remember that winter is temporary and in a few short months we have this to look forward to:


Have a happy day! Sidney

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